inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes from founder of start up’s. Here are quotes from founders of successful companies.

These 11 tycoons, who made things that shook the world, will roll out some of the most important words of wisdom, of your life.

Inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes
Founder of Alibaba

Jack ma founder of Alibaba and china’s richest man who become successful form his hardwork


inspirational quotes
Steve Jobs founder of Apple computers

Steve Jobs we know all about Jobs many people like jobs for his hard work and his inspiring quotes.




inspirational quotes
Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg founder of worlds largest social networking site facebook, in earth 7 out of 1 is on facebook started from his Harvard dorm room at age of 19.


inspirational quotes
Founder of Microsoft

Bill gates worlds richest person and founder of Microsoft bill gates is inspiring quotes.


inspirational quotes
Founder of Amazon

Jeff Bezos is founder of largest E-commerce company Amazon


inspirational quotes
Founder of Whatsapp

 Man behind the largest instant messaging app Whatsapp jan koum. 


inspirational quotes
Founder of Google

Larry page the founder of largest search engine Google.


inspirational quotes
Elon musk founder of Space X

Elon Musk founder of Space x 


inspirational quotes
Co-Founder of Google


inspirational quotes
Founder of LinkedIn

Founder of largest professional network LinkedIn Ried Hoffman


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Hard-work  is road of success if you work hard you will be success like them, work that thing

which is your passion.

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